Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Fragile Items:

• Cushion the bottom of the box(s) with bubble wrap or rolled up paper

• Wrap each piece individually. Bubble wrap is ideal for this purpose, but newsprint or unprinted soft paper will also work.

• Wrap flatware in groups of three and wrap each bundle.

• Place bubble wrap or a few layers of paper between each piece of china of fragile items.

• Cushion the tops and sides of the box to prevent shifting. When you shake the box, you should not hear anything move. If the contents of the box are secure and steady, the lower the risk of damage.

• Make sure all dresser drawers are completely empty.

• Place hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes.

• Use the bottom of wardrobe boxes for shoes.

• Please box all of your pictures or paintings. Always Moving & Relocation Services can provide the necessary items at your request.

• If possible, pack all electronics in their original boxes. If the original cartons are not available, always pack the item(s) using bubble wrap. Please use the correct size box.

• Color code all wires for easier installation.

• Personal computer: Backup important files.

• Make sure all boxes are completely full. This prevents them from being crushed when they are stacked.

• Tape the bottom of every box, close and tape the top of the box tightly. Run strips of tape along the side sand stripes of tape along the center. ( If the box is not strong enough, apply more tape to the sides.)

• Use small to medium boxes for heavier items and use the larger boxes for light-weight or bulky items.

• Always wrap fragile/or small items individually.

• To prevent shifting and breakage, stuff the top, sides, and bottom of boxes with paper or bubble wrap.

• To make the unpacking process much smoother, number or mark the contents of each box. You may want to make a note as to which room it belongs.

Proper packing is very important. As local moving charges are based on time, there are ways to reduce the time, thus the cost of your move. The single most important way to ensure a efficient move is to be organized. Avoid stress and save money by being prepared when the movers arrive on your scheduled move day.
DO NOT PACK the following item(s):

• Valuable papers, money, jewelry, or securities. Keep these item(s) with you at all times.

• Flammable item(s) such as aerosol cans, paint, gasoline, propane, etc.

• Perishable item(s) such as frozen foods, produce plants, etc.

Commercial Movers
Focus on your business, not the business of moving. When it comes to commercial moving Always Moving Services can appreciate that time and money goes hand in hand. We work hard to make downtime as short as possible and getting your new office or work space back up and running so you can get back to being productive and profitable.
Commercial Moving Services
Whether it’s a small office move or that of an larger business, our office movers have the skills and experience to handle the move efficiently with quality in mind. Your productivity and bottom line is our top priority. The NYC Affordable Moving Services ® Commercial Division can move any size office overnight.
We Offer:

• Commercial and retail moves throughout NYC

• Long-distance and international office relocation

• Executive Relocation packages

Because we have the largest fleet of trucks of any mover in NYC, the most movers, and a track record for efficiency at every stage of the process–from planning through execution–we can get it done on time and on budget every time.
Our commercial move mantra:
Planning–Strategy–Ability­–Responsibility New York Moving Company, New Jersey Moving Company, NYC Affordable Moving Company, Commercial Movers, Long Distance Movers, local movers Planning–If you do it right, you only have to do it once. We work with you to create a
Move Plan for your commercial move. This will include:

• An inventory of all items to be moved

• Special building conditions and requirements

• Date and time of your move

• Special instructions for setting up the new office

• A guaranteed price that won’t change

Using the Move Plan, we will work with you to create a strategy for the move, including:

• Tagging and color-coding workstations so they can be reassembled in an orderly fashion at the new location

• Prioritizing items for the move; staging

• Studying floor plans and building requirements

• Working with your schedule so the move happens at a convenient time for your business

Your employees don’t have to lift a finger. Our movers do it all:

• Protecting floors and walls

• Wrapping furniture

• Boxing files, electronics, and personal items

• Keeping books and files in order and ready for reassembly in the same way at the new location

• IT assistance available for getting your new office wired effectively; flat panels installed, etc.

We avoid delays by having standby precautions at the ready. When you hire us, you can breathe easy because we take responsibility for making your move a happy one. We can handle any situation with:

• Extra movers

• Extra trucks

• On-hand carpenters

• Emergency repair vehicles

• Outstanding customer service

NYC Affordable Moving will work with you and your team to come up with a strategic moving process that will save you both time and money. We are here to give you peace of mind from the stresses of commercial moving.
Feel free to contact us by calling 877-687-0004 or using our free moving quote form.